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Wang Yi Talks About His Visits to the Four African Countries: China-Africa Friendship Is Unbreakable and the One-China Principle Has Been Consolidated and Enhanced


On January 6, 2019 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi introduced to the press at inquiry in Dakar the situation and feelings of the visits at the end of his visits to the four African countries.

Wang Yi said that the Chinese foreign ministers have chosen Africa for their first overseas visits each year, which has become a major feature of China's diplomacy. The reason why we have persistently done this for decades is not only because we have a commitment to Africa, but more importantly, China and African countries, as developing countries, have always been brothers and partners that share weal and woe, and enjoy mutual support. Both sides need to strengthen strategic communication and deepen strategic cooperation at any time. My feelings about the visits to the four African countries are as follows:

First, China-Africa friendship is unbreakable. Facing the recent deliberate denigration of China-Africa cooperation by certain non-regional countries, the governments of various African countries and their people have not only spoken up for China, but also upheld friendly policies toward China in a firmer manner, instead of being confused by the provocation and disturbed by the noise. Leaders of the four countries I visited this time all highly appreciated China's cooperation with Africa, thanked China's precious support to their national development and revitalization as well as improvement of people's livelihood, and eagerly looked forward to further deepening cooperation with China.

Second, upholding multilateralism has become a common voice. Against the backdrop that unilateralism is constantly on the rise and international rules are being challenged, African countries have realized that the legitimate rights and interests of the vast number of developing countries will be seriously harmed if letting go of the situation, thus placing greater expectations on the role of the Chinese side. The four countries I visited this time all stand ready to enhance coordination with the Chinese side in this regard, and jointly safeguard the rules of multilateralism and promote the democratization of international relations.

Third, African countries have growing enthusiasm for the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. Africa has become the most active continent in advancing the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. A large number of key projects have been implemented on the African continent, yielding fruitful results and bringing tangible well-being to local people. With the further integration of the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative with the Agenda 2063 of the African Union and the development strategies of various countries, cooperation with higher quality and at higher level under the Belt and Road Initiative is expected to be carried out on the African continent.

Fourth, the one-China principle has been consolidated and enhanced in Africa. Among the four countries I visited this time, Burkina Faso and Gambia both restored diplomatic relations with China not long ago. Leaders of Burkina Faso and Gambia emphasized that resuming diplomatic relations with China is an independent choice and right decision that is supported by their people and in line with their national interests. They will continue to unswervingly uphold the one-China policy. It has become a political consensus abided by various parties on the African continent to adhere to the one-China principle.

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